Now in partnership with Dark Cleo Productions, Showmasters would like to introduce Unplugged Gaming to the Gaming Zone.

This includes board & card games of all types, some for the hardcore gamers, others for those who have never played them before! Tabletop gaming has grown in popularity over the past years and we want to give our attendees a chance to try some of the most popular and fun ones.

The Unplugged Gaming Zone is passionate about bringing tabletop gaming to a wider audience, and with a dedicated demonstration team willing to help newcomers find their type of game and help board gaming enthusiasts learn something new; you can guarantee that our extensive games library will have something for you. Now do not worry, it will be possible to pick up a game with tabletop vendors visiting and selling their merchandise in this zone.

Along with board and card games, next year there will be Wargaming at Showmasters events for the first time. Dark Cleo Productions will now be showcasing another side of unplugged gaming through demo games and tournaments, including games such as Warhammer 40,000, Warmachine/Hordes and more!


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