Whether it’s a fully customised project you’ve designed yourself or partially store-bought, we’re fully on board with giving customers a way to express their talents with their craft and/or performance as their favourite characters!

Even if you aren’t a cosplayer just yet, our Cosplay Zone is a great way to learn about the work that goes into costumes, pick up tips about different materials that can be used to create the outfits for the characters we’ve all grown to love and maybe even inspire you to take part next time.

With our Cosplay Guests, workshops, panels and the always entertaining Showmasters Cosplay Masquerade at each of our events, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic day out whether you’re in a costume or not!

Our Cosplay Guests are warm and welcoming, with great advice to be offered to both budding Cosplayers and experienced Cosplayers – there’s always something new that can be learned in this industry, even if it’s as simple as how best to pose for those oh so alluring Cosplay Photo Shoots we offer at the events.

Cosplay Photo Shoots are a fantastic opportunity for you to have your photograph taken professionally at our event – these images will be uploaded to our Cosplay at Showmasters Facebook Page after the event, so that you can download them for free! For only £5 you can take a physical copy of the image home with you; a great memento from the event!

Now for the exciting part – the Cosplay Masquerade! At each of our events we offer fans the opportunity to be in the spotlight by taking part in the Masquerade, showcasing their costume, modelling and performance. Our judges use many factors when determining who the winners are, but fundamentally everyone who enters has a chance at winning something! This brings us to our next point …

We have a Grand Prize of £200 cash for the main winner each day, £50 cash for runner up each day and some great smaller prizes for Best Group, Best Performance on stage and best Junior Cosplay on both Saturday & Sunday too! Please be aware that in order to be in the running for the Grand Prize, you will need to have created a minimum of 80% of the costume yourself.

Please read our Cosplay Guidelines 

Be sure to check out our Showmasters Events Page for more information on a show coming near you!

If you have a query relating to our Cosplay Zone please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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