Cosplay Guest

I am an artist specialising in props and costumes. I have studied in a variety of areas within the creative arts including ‘Model Making for TV and Film’, Applied Arts’ and am now currently studying ‘Props’ on the ‘Production Arts and Design’ programme at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

I attended my first convention in 2014 and have been cosplaying since. I am best known for my Digimon costumes which, so far, include Minervamon, Sakuyamon, Kuzuhamon and, most recently, Nefertimon X-Antibody.

My costumes are entirely hand made using a wide variety of materials such as Worbla, EVA foam and upholstery foam with additional sewing and make-up elements. Most of my armours are hand painted and incorporate shadows and highlights to give the costumes their unique, cartoon-like appearance.

I have been fortunate enough to be invited to attend conventions as a competition judge, guest and host. Cosplay encourages us shy folk to get out of our comfort zones, to be social and build confidence. It’s art with a purpose and I love it.

Photographer: Wölf Anthony Macleod / Hairy Monster Digital Arts


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